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Really Recommended Posts 6/9/2012

I found a number of excellent posts this go-round, with a video, a comic, and several articles of great importance. Check them out and tell me what you think.

Two Socially Acceptable Ways to Deal With Unwanted Children- An apologetics comic site looks at abortion.

New York Magazine: “A Life Worth Ending”- Euthanasia because someone is old or sick and therefore a financial burden… our society has indeed come this far.

Aquinas on Virtue in Relation to Law- Very interesting post on Thomism.

Proof that God Exists- I found out about this site through the Unbelievable!? Podcast, which featured a presuppositional apologist and an agnostic in debate. The site is interesting, but it definitely takes a different approach to apologetics than I do/would. I found it interesting.

On Hope for the Hopeless- Do you feel hopeless/lost/worthless? JP Moreland talks about having hope when all seems lost.

Do Extraordinary Claims Need Extraordinary Evidence?- Great article on this oft-trumpeted phrase.

Is the Qur’an the Word of God?- Self explanatory.

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