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Really Recommended Posts 6/9/2012

I found a number of excellent posts this go-round, with a video, a comic, and several articles of great importance. Check them out and tell me what you think.

Two Socially Acceptable Ways to Deal With Unwanted Children– An apologetics comic site looks at abortion.

New York Magazine: “A Life Worth Ending”– Euthanasia because someone is old or sick and therefore a financial burden… our society has indeed come this far.

Aquinas on Virtue in Relation to Law– Very interesting post on Thomism.

Proof that God Exists– I found out about this site through the Unbelievable!? Podcast, which featured a presuppositional apologist and an agnostic in debate. The site is interesting, but it definitely takes a different approach to apologetics than I do/would. I found it interesting.

On Hope for the Hopeless– Do you feel hopeless/lost/worthless? JP Moreland talks about having hope when all seems lost.

Do Extraordinary Claims Need Extraordinary Evidence?– Great article on this oft-trumpeted phrase.

Is the Qur’an the Word of God?– Self explanatory.


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