God Exists

The purpose of this page is to provide links to and descriptions of selected posts which specifically argue for the existence of God. Those interested in all posts about the existence of God should visit the category page here.

The Case for Christianity in 15 Minutes (or less)– A brief introduction to some of the arguments for the existence of God, as well as other arguments related to Christianity.

The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument– Outline of one version of the cosmological argument along with a defense of the premises. This argument posits a necessary, transcendent, powerful being as the reason for the existence of all contingent things.

Our Spooky Universe: Fine-Tuning and God– I defend the teleological argument. I provide several examples of cosmic fine-tuning to show that our universe has been designed for life.

The Ontological Argument: Therefore God Exists– A detailed defense of a modern version of the much-maligned ontological argument. Includes a symbolic proof of Plantinga’s modal argument.

The Ontological Argument: Question Begging?– A discussion of some issues involved in the ontological argument. Specifically focuses on modal logic and its involvement in these issues. Furthermore, presents (again–see the previous post on this argument) another version of the ontological argument which doesn’t rely upon these issues.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument– Brief exposition of the argument that the universe is caused due to its having a beginning.

Dawkins and Oppy vs. Theism: Defending the Kalam Cosmological Argument– A survey of some philosophical and popular attacks on the Kalam Cosmological Argument along with rebuttals.

“The Multiverse Created Itself” and “Who Made God after all?”- The Kalam Cosmological Argument -More objections to the Kalam Cosmological Argument with rebuttals.

The Moral Argument: Mistakes to Avoid and Practical Advice– I rebut some of the common but ill-thought objections to the moral argument and provide some advice to those who wish to use the moral argument to help support Christian theism.

God’s Purposively Available Evidence– Exposition of Paul Moser’s idea that evidence for God’s existence would have a purpose beyond merely propositional knowledge. Includes a type of argument from religious experience.

Religious Experiences: Providing Warrant for Belief in God– One of many versions of the argument from religious experience, this argument focuses on the idea that a subject is justified in believing God exists based on an experience.

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