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Philosophy: In Six Words

There has been a trend of “Six Word Stories” or memoirs started off (perhaps) by Hemingway’s famous example, “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” A list of such stories can be found here. I thought it was a novel idea and so I propose starting philosophy (philosophy of religion, specifically) posts of six words. I’ve included some examples below, and I would love to hear what others come up with. Make sure to write only six words; no more, no less. I prefer philosophy of religion, but I’ll be accepting epistemology, idealism, etc. I will select comments I find particularly good to be featured in my list below (and citing them to the authors, of course). Note that I will not be accepting anti-theistic entries or the like.

Six Word Philosophy:

Universe Had Beginning: God Started It

Freedom of the Will: Explains Evil

Religious Experience: Perception of Divine Nature

To Be Is To Be Perceived [Berkeley]

God Exists And He Loves You

Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior

Some notable entries from comments (below):


“Science: seeking God’s ways since 1620.”

“Sin is darkness. Jesus is Light.”

“Nietzsche: ‘God’s dead!’ ‘No I’m not.'”

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