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Really Recommended Posts: Holy Week 2013 – The Resurrection

sketch-for-the-crucifixion-thomas-eakinsDid Jesus rise from the dead? Check out this reading list in which arguments are presented for the positive from multiple angles.

Evidence for the Resurrection: The “minimal facts” approach– Perhaps the most widely known argument for the historicity of the resurrection is the “minimal facts” approach. Check out this excellent summary of Gary Habermas using this argument.

Resurrection and Worldview– A fantastic article presenting both evidence for the resurrection and an analysis of how our worldview plays into how we evaluate such evidence.

Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ– William Lane Craig evaluates the resurrection in light of recent scholarship. He also makes an argument from the minimal facts.

Unlikely Story of the Women– Here, one of the historical to believe the resurrection account is defended closely. Namely, the fact that women were the eyewitnesses to the event. Yet the accounts of these women are seemingly contradictory. What do we do with that?

The Meaning of the Resurrection– What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for the world?

The Resurrection of Jesus– Many more articles are linked here. A great resource if you want to more fully engage the issue of the resurrection.

Book Review: “The Risen Jesus and Future Hope– An in-depth look at Habermas’ approach to the resurrection.

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