Really Recommended Posts 8/29/14- Eschatology, Creationism, Morality, and more!

postThere is a lot of good reading to be found in this round of Really Recommended Posts. Be sure to leave comments on those you enjoyed and let me know what you thought here! The topics include eschatology, creationism, morality, Star Trek, and more!

Hitchens’ Challenge: Name one moral act that a religious person can do that an atheist cannot– Jason Wisdom takes on Christopher Hitchens’ challenge to name a moral act that is exclusive to a religious person. He challenges the core assumptions behind the argument, along with the notion of what it means to be “moral.” This is a great read.

Coexist? – A Pox On Both Bumper Stickers-This post is about more than you may think, so be sure to read it. Philosopher David Marshall takes on the “bumper sticker” mentality of both the “Coexist” bumper sticker and its negation.

Exceptional Dinosaur Tracksite in Denali National Park Reveals Herd of Hadrosaurs– Who doesn’t love to read about dinosaurs and creationism? Put your hand down, you, you’re lying! Check out this post which talks about how a rather awesome find of dinosaur tracks presents a challenge for a young earth paradigm.

What does the Bible say about “End Times”? Three Historic Perspectives– Eschatology is something of a side interest for me, and I found this post by J. Warner Wallace to be a pretty solid summary of a few major positions Christians hold regarding end times.

Some Tips on Research– The title pretty much says it all. These are some handy things to keep in mind while doing research.

Make It So- Parody of “Let it Go”– It’s no secret that I love Star Trek. I’ve discussed it on this site with theological/apologetic questions, and I’ve also had an ongoing series of reviews of TNG on my  “alternate interests” site. Here, there is a parody of the song “Let it Go” based on Star Trek: First Contact. I thought it’d be a fun way to round out this week’s posts.


About J.W. Wartick

J.W. Wartick is a Lutheran, feminist, Christ-follower. A Science Fiction snob, Bonhoeffer fan, Paleontology fanboy and RPG nerd.


4 thoughts on “Really Recommended Posts 8/29/14- Eschatology, Creationism, Morality, and more!

  1. As a fellow fan of Star Trek (especially TNG), I love the “Make It So” parody. However, whenever I try to open the link to the Hitchens Challenge, it goes nowhere. I was wanting to read that one, but cannot seem to access it.

    Posted by Greg | August 29, 2014, 10:45 AM
    • Glad to find another TNG/Apologetics fan! I’m a huge fan of the show.

      Regarding the Hitchens’ Challenge post, I have tested it on two different computers and my phone and the link works. Might it be something on your end?

      Posted by J.W. Wartick | August 30, 2014, 1:50 AM
  2. Good stuff

    Posted by SLIMJIM | September 1, 2014, 2:12 PM


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