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Planned Parenthood Does Much Good

i_stand_with_planned_parenthoodOne of the most common reactions to the Planned Parenthood videos has been the positive response and defense that largely consists of: “But they do good things for people too.”

Well, yes, they do.

It kind of reminds me of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. One of my favorite scenes is the one in which they’re planning a revolt against Rome and one persons asks “What have the Romans ever done for us?” The responses begin to pour in: they’ve built roads, aqueducts, improved education and public health, and more. It’s quite a funny scene.

The humor fades if you examine historical accounts of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 (as described by Josephus), for just one example. Families starved to death–whole households. The Temple–the center of the Jewish cosmos–was torn apart and defiled. Before that destruction, of course, there were other “minor” skirmishes and slaughters. The Romans imposed a governor over the area and a military garrison in Jerusalem.

What have the Romans done for us, indeed?

We can envision a host of ravenous pro-life faceless hordes crying out in their foolish ignorance: “What has Planned Parenthood ever done for us?”

A host of responses could–and have–been offered. Who has not seen the people sharing images of themselves as someone who benefited directly or indirectly from the healthcare Planned Parenthood provides? They provide health support during pregnancy, sexual education, birth control, and more. The stories can and do pour in. We can imagine a Monty Python spoof happening that parallels the scenario: the dithering pro-life horde is silenced by the constant stream of stories from those who have benefited from Planned Parenthood.

Then, the facts start to confront us. We see videos that show the broken apart body of the unborn being picked apart. Then, we realize that hundreds of thousands of these procedures happen each year in the United States. Skulls are crushed, but those performing the operation are doing it in such a way that the organs will–hopefully–be intact. These unborn body parts, themselves part of a clearly separate individual from the mother, are then donated for a price to research.

Suddenly, the humor fades. Our smiles are washed away. What price did Jerusalem pay for those aqueducts, education, and public order? Infants starved to death; slaughter until the soldiers “tired of killing.” What price do we pay Planned Parenthood for that birth control, those health screenings, and the other care they provide? You can watch the videos yourself and see the tiny hands and feet cut apart and distributed.

#StandwithPP, indeed.


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6 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Does Much Good

  1. Excellent piece. Thank you. Just one note, PP does not provide mammograms. They refer patients to other providers. The same is true of many other healthcare services in many areas.

    Posted by Drusilla Barron | August 5, 2015, 4:31 PM

    A majority of what they do is not abortion. Still too much. The fed doesn’t use funding for abortion – but medicaid does (according to this article.)
    I just hate the idea of getting rid of all the other care – especially the birth control, which would, in theory, prevent pregnancy – and those who would use abortion as a method of birth control would avoid it all together. Ideally, we’d keep everything BUT the abortion piece…how to do?

    Posted by mnfauth | August 5, 2015, 6:00 PM
    • The bill to defund Planned Parenthood explicitly stated that no less money would be allotted to women’s health care and would be redistributed among other providers. Even granting that abortion is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, the number is still over 300,000 abortions every year. I agree that availability of birth control and health care is important to provide, for we need to be going after the causes as well. But this is unacceptable and the rush to defend Planned Parenthood when people can literally watch tiny hands and legs getting ripped apart on video is… disturbing.

      Posted by J.W. Wartick | August 6, 2015, 9:18 AM
  3. Good article. I pray to God that the Lord will use this to wake people up and consider rationally and morally what is wrong with Planned Parenthood.

    Posted by SLIMJIM | August 7, 2015, 2:26 AM


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