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Really Recommended Posts 11/06/15- Star Trek theology, egalitarianism, and more!

postI hope you’ll enjoy this week’s roundup of posts from around the web. You can watch a video explaining egalitarian theology from Genesis, survey challenges your kids might encounter for their faith, learn about pro-life dialogue, discover theology in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and explore a cold time before a young earth could have existed. Let me know what you think of the posts, and be sure to let the authors know as well.

Egalitarian from the Start (Vide0)– this sermon is from Richard Davidson, author of the monumentally important study on sexuality in the Old Testament, Flame of Yahweh. He argues that, from the beginning of creation, egalitarianism is the ideal perspective.

17 Ways Your Kids Will Encounter Challenges to their Faith– Children will encounter a great number of challenges to their faith as they grow up. Simply being aware of the way children can be confronted by these challenges will help parents prepare to answer them and help their kids find answers.

Four Practical [Pro-Life] Dialogue Tips from My Conversation with Brent– Josh Brahm, an excellent pro-life speaker, offers some dialogue tips alongside a case study of an actual conversation he had with a pro-choice advocate.

Star Trek Theology- “Remember Me”– The Sci-Fi Christian, an excellent website and podcast, offers up this heaping helping of theological analysis of The Next Generation episode, “Remember Me.” It’s an episode I enjoy immensely, and I also enjoyed reading this post. Check it out.

A Holocene Cold Snap In the Year 2,200 B.C. (Before Creation)– Here is an analysis which challenges the Young Earth timeline, because it demonstrates that we can observe weather patterns from before dates set by groups like Answers in Genesis.



About J.W. Wartick

J.W. Wartick is a Lutheran, feminist, Christ-follower. A Science Fiction snob, Bonhoeffer fan, Paleontology fanboy and RPG nerd.


6 thoughts on “Really Recommended Posts 11/06/15- Star Trek theology, egalitarianism, and more!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to The Sci-FI Christian and my “Remember Me” post, J.W. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We’ll have a brand-new post on “Reunion” coming up shortly.

    I appreciated the link to the post on challenges facing kids and faith. Sometimes the challenge runs the other way, with faith-based teaching posing a challenge to reason! Our son’s private, Christian kindergarten was teaching him that humans and dinosaurs lived together in the days of Noah. It took some sorting out to persuade him that, no, humans didn’t live with dinosaurs and, yes, that Bible story still matters and, yes, your teachers mean well and are Christian but, no, we disagree with them and, yes, we all love Jesus…!

    Posted by Michael Poteet | November 6, 2015, 9:29 AM
    • Good to know a new TNG post is coming! There are a few episodes I’ve written about on here coming up to. I’ve been reviewing the whole series with my wife on my other site, Eclectic Theist. I’m a huge fan of Trek, though admittedly not so much on the original series (and I haven’t watched “Enterprise”).

      I agree with your insights on the challenge possibly going the other way. It is sad when we have to deal with that, and the difficulties that it raises are far more complex.

      Posted by J.W. Wartick | November 6, 2015, 1:10 PM


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