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Really Recommended Posts- Halloween Edition 2012

Halloween is this week. How are Christians to interact with this holiday? Some believe it is a purely evil celebration and caution other Christians against it; some believe it is harmless and enjoy participating. I have gone across the web and collected these links with discussions on the topic from various Christian perspectives.

Halloween and the Fascination with Fear– Stephen McAndrew, author of Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Belive If It’s Not True, comments on how our fascination with things whose existence we generally dismiss points to something beyond our everyday reality.

Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission– Over at Desiring God, check out this post which points out Christians are sent to the world and comments on how that may relate to Halloween.

The Tricky Topic of Halloween– (You’ll need to scroll down to the heading of the same title.) RTB scholar Ken Samples, author of 7 Truths that Changed the World, discusses Halloween. He shares some history of Halloween as well as suggestions to Christians about the holiday. A very useful discussion.

Halloween- The Great Omission?– A phenomenal post on a mission-oriented view of Halloween. It’s also entertaining to read, so check it out!

Hallelujah, Harvest, and Halloween Alternatives– Discussion about how Christians have utilized Halloween and made an alternate celebration or holiday. It has a few suggestions for how to incorporate these alternatives.

A balanced perspective on the topic found at: As a Christian, Should I celebrate Halloween?

Redeeming Halloween– Discussion of the book, “Redeeming Halloween” by Kim Wier and Pam McCune.

Halloween: Fascinated by Spirituality?– Interesting discussion on the motivations of Halloween and Christianity.

Of Halloween and Rubber Tanks– An interesting post talking about whether Christians should be spending time debating Halloween’s “Satanic Origins.”

What is Halloween?–  Discusses the background of the holiday and some of the traditions that go with it.

A different perspective (with which I disagree, but respect) is given over at Christian Answers: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? 

A respectful, middle-of-the-road answer to the question “Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?” is given over at Grace Communication International.

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