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Really Recommended Posts 9/6/13- Dystopia, Poetry, and Creationism (+more!)

postAnother look around the internet this week, as we investigate young earth creationism from a few angles, intelligent design, some dead guys, and dystopian fiction. Let me know what you think!

Christian Virtues in Dystopian Fiction– Look, if you read my blog much you’ll know I am an absolute sucker for science fiction. One recurring theme in sci-fi is that of a dystopia: attempts to make a perfect world gone wrong. Most recently, The Hunger Games is a great example of the genre. In this post, Garret Johnson explores Christian Virtues found in this genre. It is a truly fascinating post, and I highly recommend you follow the blog to see more of the like.

Dead Guys, a poem– A very clever poem with a comic about the need to look at the works of the past in order to understand the present more fully. We stand on the shoulders of giants. I have written about the need to read more of the classic defenses of Christianity and theology, along with several ways to direct reading in my post, “On the Shoulders of Giants.”

A Horse is a Horse According to Answers in Genesis– An analysis of a recent attempt to present evidence for the young earth paradigm, this post looks at the genetic lineage of various species of horse. It is pretty awesome.

Stephen C. Meyer debates Michael Ruse about intelligent design and evolution on NPR– A “snarky” summary of a recent debate between Intelligent Design theorist Stephen Meyer and atheist Michael Ruse. Check out the review and listen to the debate.

Compromising Christians Don’t Like “Evolution vs. God” Film– I am “recommending” this post not because I endorse its contents, but because I think it shows how not to interact in “in-house” debates with other Christians. Ken Ham constantly uses the scare word “compromise” as a descriptor for other Christians. Compromise on what? Ham’s preferred interpretation of the text. It is a word he uses as a weapon time and again. As for the film itself, for some other perspectives (both positive and negative), check out my previous RRP.

**As always my linking to a post does not imply I endorse all or even part of that site**

About J.W. Wartick

J.W. Wartick is a Lutheran, feminist, Christ-follower. A Science Fiction snob, Bonhoeffer fan, Paleontology fanboy and RPG nerd.


One thought on “Really Recommended Posts 9/6/13- Dystopia, Poetry, and Creationism (+more!)

  1. As for the christian virtues in dystopian fiction, humility and reflection are christian virtues but they are not, as the post implies, unique to christianity, nor did they originate with christianity. Edicts like the golden rule existed (in written form) for thousands of years before jesus said them. Love and compassion and not being cruel [redacted by J.W.] are not things any religion or nation or culture can claim a monopoly on, nor are humility or reflection the first things that leap to mind when I think of the state of christianity in my own culture.

    As for the “compromising” thing, what is it napoleon said? “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet”. The great evil of religious dogma is not that it makes good people evil (it doesn’t), but that it is so effective at silencing them and crippling them socially and intellectually in the face of evil. How many american christians hate gay people and are out to harm them? Virtually none I would estimate. But yet they don’t get to inherit their partner’s possessions when they die or be buried next to them or be their medical proxy or have custody of their children or get survivor’s benefits or literally a thousand other rights – this harms gay people tremendously. And why? Because every christian in america who doesn’t hate gay people knows that if he stands up in church and says we should give them equal rights or that we should live and let live the only thing that anyone has to do to shut him or her down is say “that’s not what the bible says, are you saying the bible is wrong?!”

    It’s selective and arbitrary and brutally efficient.

    Posted by agnophilo | September 6, 2013, 6:10 PM

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